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July 2013


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How Viruses Infect Your PC

It is said that an unprotected computer can get a malware or virus in less than 60 seconds on the Internet.  I know this is true as we have inadvertently had it happen to us while attempting to fix a PC.  You must have antivirus protection to go onto the internet. No site is safe, not even Microsoft.  Even with antivirus software it is common to see an infection of malware and adware from normal internet browsing once or twice a year.  None of us read the terms of agreement to download a nice screen saver, free game or free application but we are often giving permission to infect our machine with these downloads.  Computer Fix It recommends never downloading freeware from the Internet.  Have you ever ignored your antivirus program when it pops up and asks for a visa and says its time to renew me? You are unprotected. You might have a 10 day grace period but then you will become infected. 

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Customer's Technology Questions

Q: Can I track a cell phone?  From: R. Crowley, Wichita, KS

A:  Any phone with a GPS ability could have the GPS tracking turned on. This is an option that your phone company asks you to setup when you setup the initial service or upgrade to a new phone. It is also sometimes turned on by default so do not take for granted if you have a smart phone that it is turned off.  Photos you take with a smart phone even have geo embedded coordinates in them unless this feature is turned off. 

Q: Is my web browsing really private?​  From: M. Carr Anthony, KS

A: The only time that they information that you enter into a browser is completely secure is when you see the 's' in the URL string.  This 's' means secure and it is only present on commerce sites, banks, brokerage accounts and the like.  To show you what I mean here is an example of a none secure connection:

and here is an example of a secure connection:

E-mails could conceivably be intercepted so never pass passwords and financial account information by email.

Always feel free to contact us at Computer Fix It with any technology questions.  We are glad to help.  316-681-0032.